Taylor Kincebach,

Resilience Coach

I help serial quitters create a realistic, actionable wellness plan to finally Quit Quitting and live a bold and nourished life.


Hey Babe!

I’m Taylor, creator of the Taylor Made Tasty Method™ and Team Quit Quitting. I have helped hundreds of serial quitters forgive their past, own their story, automate systems in their everyday lives to create life-lasting habits and finally quit quitting on their wellness through tactile and actionable tools to fit their individual lives. I am here to force you to hold up a mirror to your potential and GO GET THERE. 

Taylor Made Tasty Method Group Coaching

1:1 Private Coaching

Team quit quitting monthly membership

mini e-course

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With Taylor you get:

Relentless Empowerment 

Tough Love

Tactical Tools (no fluff)

Powerful Community

Intense Reflection

Transformational Progress

Tammy P.

Taylor is a super dynamic speaker, with amazing tips and ideas to help you think differently about how to reach your goals.

Jackie F.

Taylor is a phenomenal coach! She is genuine and keeps it real. There’s no fluff ‘n stuff. She has helped empower me in all aspects – not just in wellness because much of what I’ve learned can be adapted to my professional life. Having her as a coach has forever changed me. 

Jennifer Y.

This journey has truly been eye opening. In such a short amount of time I have learned so much about myself and skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Taylor truly has a gift as a coach. She makes you want to be better and she is always there to help or give you advice.

Want extra coaching?

I get it, you want to check out my coaching style before investing. I got you, babe. Click the link below to join my private Facebook group. This community of retired serial quitters is growing everyday with women wanting to expand their wellness mindset beyond the scale and workouts. We connect over wellness, pop-culture fun and, of course, Free Coaching Fridays!