wellness coach weight loss healthyStress is inevitable, knowing how to cope is crucial. Your body responding to demands, deadlines, expectations or pressure is stress. This can be felt in a minor way when you’re hyped for a project during crunch time or it can be devastating if life feels like it is running you instead of you calling the shots. Below, we will explore 3 intentional ways for you to reduce stress quickly and efficiently. Explore these steps and keep them in your back pocket for a time when you need to feel peace immediately. 


  • Learn your Triggers:

You have to know where you are, to know where you want to be. Self-reflection about what stresses you out is the starting point of knowing how best to cope. Is it a certain person? Is it your environment? Is it your schedule? Clutter? Your diet? Not making exercise a priority? Honing in on exactly what stresses you out and when is key. Life will happen and you can’t always control what that brings for you. However, things you have power over– should be prioritized in a way that gives your life ease and quality. As they say, “Stress free is the way to be.”


  • Acknowledge and Release:

Now that you know precisely what brings stress to the forefront of your life. You need to be able to acknowledge what is happening within you. Does your breath get short, do you snap at loved ones? Are you emotionally eating? Acknowledging that you are in fact “stressed,” is a truth that will set you free. Live in those feelings for a moment, honor how the stress is affecting your emotions. Give yourself some time to soak that in, then immediately show yourself grace and release. You are empowered to have your moment to just feel, but RELEASING is essential here. Know that your feelings are valid and let them go. How do I release? Keep reading, the tools are in #3. 


  • 3 Minutes of Silence:

Noisey. Life is freakin’ noisey. Phones. Email. Work. Texts. Loved ones. Social Media. It is all noise and sometimes you need a few minutes to turn it all off and focus on YOU. You have already discovered the triggers, you know how to honor and acknowledge your feelings. Now to release. People often think you need a whole day to meditate and be one with you. The truth is, as long as you have a quiet space– you can meditate anywhere at anytime. Sit in silence, only focusing on your breath and staying in the present. You want to take long, deep breaths here. Releasing the breath to all limbs of your body. If mediating intimidates you, try an app or an audiobook to get calm. Those precious moment of silence are healing beyond belief. You can embrace the stressful feelings you have experienced and let them go. Visualize each time you breathe out, you are releasing stressful people or situations with each breath. 


Stress will happen, you will feel inundated. That is given, but practicing the steps above will assist you in the pursuit of less stress. Notice the next time you feel pressure or tension how you handle it differently. 

Are you thinking about where you can take your 3-minute meditation breaks, yet? Let us know me the comments!