Hey Babe!

I’m Taylor, creator of the Taylor Made Tasty Method™ and Team Quit Quitting™. I have helped hundreds of serial quitters forgive their past, own their story, automate systems in their everyday lives to create life-lasting habits and finally quitting quit on their wellness through tactile and actionable tools to fit their individual lives. I am here to force you to hold up a mirror to your potential and GO GET THERE. 

Having applied the Quit Quitting™ mentality in my pursuit of impacting women to stop starting over on their health journey, passions, talents and visions– I started speaking and coaching through creating Taylor Made Tasty Inc. As a CEO & Resilience Coach, I am recognized for my ability to eliminate mindset mental warfare and create relentless personal transformation for women on an intentional wellness journey. 

I live in Orange County, California with my Husband, Bonus Daughter and Doggie– Montana. When we are not hiking, kayaking, camping, beach cruising or getting dirty on some sort of adventure… we can most likely be found at Trader Joe’s or Target. 

“I am here to force you to hold up a mirror to your potential and GO GET THERE.”

Retired Serial Quitter

Growing up, I was not an educator, speaker, content creator or connector. I was a QUITTER. Piano. Basketball. Club Volleyball. Water Polo. You name it. In 2015, after attempting to complete the 52 Hike Challenge (the goal of 52 different hikes in one calendar year), I made it to 7 hikes. In 2016, 36 hikes. In 2017, I thought “what if I just didn’t quit.” It took all 52 weeks, but at the age of 31, for only the 2nd time in my life– I accomplished a goal I set forth. That’s when I got addicted. Addicted to showing up over and over with vital focus for my dreams. 

The very next year, I reflected on… “What else can I do and not quit?” I committed to applying that same theory to my wellness. What if I just didn’t quit this time in my attempt to lose weight and become my healthiest, most energetic version of myself? I lost 60lbs that year, created a transformed high-vibrating mindset, new fitness and eating habits and stayed RESILIENT despite life’s struggles (i.e. family death, illness and full-time caretaking). Having a Quit Quitting mentality demands that you see this wellness journey through your entire life. 

If you are ready to  stop starting over and feel liberated from your toxic quitting mindset, check out one of the many ways we can work together. Don’t see a program that fits your needs, email me and I would love to chat with you: info@taylormadetasty.com.