Let’s Make Some Magic

Taylor is on a mission to help women Quit Quitting™ on their true desires, vision and dreams. To create impactful transformation with the goal of losing the “all or nothing” mentality by shedding the perfectionism mindset and to finally start living a BOLD life.  

Speaking Events

Step-by-Step Guidance,

 Minus the Fluff 

As a Resilience Coach, Taylor is a captivating keynote speaker. From high-earning corporate teams, to  collegiate staff and small women’s workshops. She creates a high-impact, tactical and actionable approach that will make a lasting impression. Along with her infectious smile and laugh that is sure to light up any room, she brings a successful road-map and the experience of transformation to every speaking engagement. 

Podcast Guest

Taylor would be thrilled to collaborate on a podcast episode with you, she is passionate about themes that address redirecting the mindset of limiting beliefs, reducing decision fatigue and unnecessary stress. She also dispels common motivational beliefs. SPOILER ALERT: MOTIVATION IS BULLSHIT. Additional impactful topics include: communicating boundaries and creating a life-changing morning routine. Let’s collab!

Past Collaborations

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Female Quotient x Weight Watchers Keynote Speaker & Cooking Demonstration at USC