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The truth is when we lose focus, we lose interest. 


I know you’re feeling like…

  • You start each year with the best intentions, but your goals take a back seat.
  • You want to achieve more and reach higher, but don’t have the right support in place.
  • You know you’re not living your full potential, but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to create healthy habits, but you keep quitting on you.

What if you had monthly accountability, community support and mindset coaching without all the stress, overwhelm or confusion?

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t matter what goals you have, unless you work the mega-computer sitting between your ears. Even with the best intentions, the feelings of confusion and overwhelm about your goals can make you resort back to avoidance mode or worse, quitting. You keep buying “goal outfits,” keep saying you’re going to budget this month and avoiding that conversation at work about your promotions or salary– instead of getting to the root of your mindset blocks because you’re struggling with identifying a strategy and a plan that will keep you motivated and consistent. You wish someone could just lay it out for you and stop with the “guessing game,” roller coaster.

Welcome to TEAM QUIT QUITTING™, the monthly membership for your mindset. The one-stop monthly accountability private group to create an actionable plan to kick-ass on your goals month after month. Featuring the latest and greatest proven mindset coaching to bring ease and confidence to taming your inner-critic, amplifying your motivation and growing habits that move the needle towards crushing your life’s goals.

I dreamed of creating a monthly coaching experience that fit the modern day woman’s budget, but still created massive mindset transformation through growth and learning, and included a community aspect for support while you level up. 

I know that you’re a total badass, but you keep questioning, “why can’t I just get my shit together?”. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been trying for the same goals for year. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or pay off your student loans or level-up at work or start a blog… you want actionable tools and you already know you need a proven process that actually works.

Siri O.

It is never too late to invest in yourself and learn something new. Taylor’s approach to lectures, workbooks, and group discussions is the perfect mix.

Chichi M.

Taylor is consistent, reliable, innovative and receptive to feedback. When I took the course the second time, I thought the content would be a repeat of the first course (and I was okay with that). She is genuine, friendly, approachable, and hilarious! She responds to messages quickly. She goes the “extra mile” by adding personal touches such as sending hand written notes. Most importantly, Taylor practices what she preaches and this is so inspiring.

Katie Gallagher

Through Team Quit Quitting Taylor gave me the tools to really reach the root of the issues of why I wanted to always throw in the towel. I learned I didn’t need to do everything perfect to reach goals and that more steps in a positive direction was better than none at all. Even a couple steps back was ok, because we all need to give ourselves some G.D.G as Taylor would say.

I get it, I have been there… you need tools and processes because:

You want to go through one day without breaking down 

You’re sick of constantly being “on edge”

You’re over your “all or nothing” mentality

You feel like at times your partner makes your journey harder, not easier

You’re tired of being worried about money 

You want to show your kid(s) what wellness looks like 

Or you’re trying for babies and want to have a nourished pregnancy

You want to wake-up feeling stronger with sustained energy

You avoid the mirror because your negative self-talk runs wild

You want to take pictures and not immediately delete them

You miss out on life experiences because you’re concerned with what people will think 

You want to avoid serious medical issues that your family has experienced 

You’re tired of feeling like absolute garbage by 3PM

You want to show up as your highest self for you and your family 

You’ve chosen unhealthy habits because life is fucking hard

You have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit 

You think it’s just you and question why everyone else is motivated, but not you

Imagine with me for a second, how it would feel to transform from feeling incapable, defeated and self-doubt to a woman who is relentless in the pursuit of living life boldly and with rooted intention towards making her goals happen because quitting is no longer part of the conversation.

This could be you inside of the Team Quit Quitting Monthly Membership, as we:

Conceptualize a forgiveness plan to move through the self-sabotaging thoughts that have made you quit and held you down in the past.

Draft a monthly action plan for your goals that fits YOUR unique lifestyle, obstacles and needs (not a one-size-fits-all approach).

Create relationships while being in a community of like-minded woman who *GET IT* and want to see everyone succeeding together.

Learn to quiet the noise of the negativity and expectations while we turn up the volume on YOUR GOALS to make you the priority in your life.

Remove mindset blocks using and start to live your truth as you finally Quit Quitting and propel your life forward with confidence and excitement.

I know you have it in you, you have always had it in you to succeed. You just need an action plan, accountability, and support to rule your wellness world.

Hey Goal Boss!

How are you? I am so glad you showed up today!

I’m Taylor, creator of Team Quit Quitting™ and the Less of a Mess Method. I have helped hundreds of serial quitters forgive their past, own their story, automate systems in their everyday lives to create life-lasting habits and finally quit quitting on their goals through tactile and actionable tools to fit their individual lives. I am here to force you to hold up a mirror to your potential and GO GET THERE.

What I know for sure 

No More Putting It Off

It’s Time to Act

Stop Starting Over

You’ve said it before. You’ve vowed that THIS will be the year you will get your goals in order.  You’ve discovered resources that help you, but something is still not clicking. With all the conflicting information out there, you felt overwhelmed and not even sure where you should start. 

What I know for sure is this membership will transform the way you think about your goals, force you to own your journey through hard work and create systems. STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL because someone is making it look sexy, when it’s really about creating a plan that feels good and works for YOU and then keeping you FOCUSED and ACCOUNTABLE. 

And that’s what Team Quit Quitting is ALL about!

Team Quit Quitting Monthly Membership includes:


that includes topic-specific mindset trainings attacking mental wellness roadblocks and essential, tactile coaching to create self-motivation and accountability and releasing the self-sabotage. ($497 VALUE)


that ignites reflection and growth backed-up with a self-created action plan through comprehensive questions and journaling each month. ($97 VALUE)


live coaching answering your real-life scenario questions and conversations about “what you are working on.” ($497 VALUE)


exclusive content from professionals filled with workouts, mindset conversations and relationship-building ($297 VALUE)


connect with driven and like-minded women who want to elevate their wellness mindset and craving to find accountability through their community ($697 VALUE)

Team Quit Quitting 6th Month VIP Package additions:


to Taylor Monday – Friday for questions, accountability, feedback, and as much support as you could ever need ($997 VALUE)


where my eyes are laser-focused on your vision so that we can map out intentional goals, strategies, and mindset shifts that set you up for total success ($697 VALUE)


to make sure your systems match your goals, weekly audits and accountability is provided ($297 VALUE)

It’s like a gym membership… but we shred the mindset blocks and negative thoughts, while building the muscle of attainable goal setting with action steps to live your life boldly.  But instead of feeling like everyone is judging you in the weightlifting area, you have a sisterhood of badass women cheering you on every step of the way.

This is not a game, stop treating your wellness like you have all the time in the world. 2020 and 2021 sucked a lot away from our lives, do not let that bleed into the NOW.

You are here because you know how important a solid understanding of your automating systems in your everyday habits, goal mapping, taming your self-sabotage and elevating your self-love and worth is the success of your overall goals.  You know that “winging it” or “figuring it out as you go along” hasn’t worked and often leads to quitting. You also know that with a clear step-by-step strategy, you can quit quitting on your wellness goals, stop living on the sidelines and be the all-star of your own life.


What do I get every month of the membership?

Tons of monthly resources plus my support so you can move forward on your wellness journey.

  • MONTHLY COACHING VIDEO that includes topic-specific mindset trainings attacking mental wellness roadblocks and essential, tactile coaching to create self-motivation and accountability and releasing the self-sabotage 
  • MONTHLY WORKBOOK that ignite reflection and growth backed-up with a self-created action plan through comprehensive questions and journaling each month 
  • MONTHLY LIVE Q&A AND CO-WORKING SESSION live coaching answering your real-life scenario questions and conversations about “what you are working on”
  • MONTHLY GUEST COACHING exclusive content from wellness professionals filled with workouts, mindset conversations and relationship-building 
  • BONUS: 24/7 ACCESS TO OUR COMMUNITY FACEBOOK connect with driven and like-minded women who want to elevate their wellness mindset and craving to find accountability through their community
How soon can I access the program? When does it begin?

Once you register for the program you are immediately sent your login details, and invitation to join the online community.  You get started at your own convenient time. All live coaching times and dates are announced in the private group with the link. All fresh monthly content is delivered via the online platform on the first of the month. 

Can I do this if I follow any nutrition plan or program?

Yes, you can definitely do this on any nutrition program that works for  you. I am not here to tell you how to best nourish your body. I am here to nourish your mind with rewiring how you treat yourself, the habits you have and how to create accountability and motivation in your life even on the hardest days.  You can use your own recipes and eat foods that cater to your wellness program.

How can I access the online community?

The online community is a closed exclusive private group only for members of the program accessible through an online portal and our community Facebook Group.  In this community you can share what you are doing and also ask me questions which I will answer in the monthly live Q&A.  If you need to miss any live Q&A’s the replay video will be posted in the online portal within 48 hours following the live. 

Will this work for me? I have tried many programs so how do I know that this will be different?

This program is not a diet. Team Quit Quitting Monthly Membership is about creating sustainable habits that lead to wellness transformations. Transforming your mindset, your energy and your clarity of why you care about this life-long journey. Results depend on many factors including the time and effort you put in and also if you have pre-existing medical conditions. I am here each step of the way guiding you up the mountain, I need you to take the steps. 

Can I still do this program if I don't live in the USA?

Yes, you can do this anywhere in the world as I have clients in many different countries.  All you need is access to the internet to join the program from where you are in the world.

I have a medical condition. Is this still safe for me?

While this program is based on mindset health, it is still advised that you consult your doctor before beginning this or any program, especially if you have a medical condition or do not feel mentally healthy.

What happens if I cannot keep up and fall behind?

There is no falling behind as you do it at your own pace.  You watch the coaching videos at your own convenience. The membership program guides you to progress and improve your lifestyle and mindset.  The aim is not to be perfect but to keep continuing, making sustainable changes.

Will my membership renew automatically?

Yes, if you are on the subscription-based (vs. pre-paid) your membership renews every month and the payment date will be about a month from when you first joined. This means you don’t need to renew it, and you are automatically included in the next month’s coaching  and online community. If you pre-paid 6 or 12 months, I will send you an email a month before your membership expires to renew. 

Can I cancel my membership if I need to?

I would love for you to continue with me, as consistency is key.  However, if you decide to cancel, please let me know 7 days before your payment date and I will cancel your monthly membership. You can email me at info@taylormadetasty.com. PLEASE NOTE: I pour my heart, mind and soul into this coaching content. I take time to find you the best industry-leading guest coaches. And this is a very high-touch program with text access to me. Should you choose to leave the monthly membership, you will not be allowed back in. The whole concept behind Team Quit Quitting™ is to be committed, not just interested. And as with all things, consistency over time is how we see transformation.  With that being said, if a financial emergency arises, please reach out, so we can discuss. 

This is for you if:

You’re tired of feeling people are judging you and want to release the hold other’s opinions have on your life choices. 

You’re done with wasting time (and money) searching the internet for the latest trendy “fit tea” to see progress on the scale and want to own that this takes hard mindset work outside of the scale. 

You’re feeling annoyed with yourself that you lack energy to do things you want to, like spending time with your family (off of the couch) or beginning a new hobby.

You want to feel incredibly high-vibrating self-esteem, worth and confidence because you love who you are, how you look and own that being a work-in-progress is worthy of deep self-love.  

This is not for you if:

You think the scale dictates your worth and just want a quick fix for losing weight. 

You aren’t ready to work. Self-inventory, forgiveness work and reflection on your past quitting is hard work. 

You’re not open to some tough love. While I am your biggest cheerleader, I will make you think deeply and be completely honest because I am your coach first. 

You enjoy the motivation, coaching and information– but, you are not ready to take action. I am looking for action takers who want to make bold moves in their goal-crushing journey. 

Investing in yourself is an exchange of energy.

What is it costing you to NOT begin now?

If you have additional questions, please email me directly at info@taylormadetasty.com

Sofie W.

I want to THANK YOU Taylor for creating the Taylor Made Tasty Method that brought together this community of incredible women. Your thoughtful coaching has taught me so much. It has opened windows into my soul that up to this point I had not examined. These last six weeks have given me clarity with not only my WHY but the environment in which I live my life.

Shelby D.

TM2 was just the game-changer I needed to shake out of my quarantine funk! Taylor is a dynamic coach filled with compassion, positive energy and tough love. Taylor offers tangible, concrete action items that are easy to implement into your life and quickly see results of consistent healthy habits. You will not be sorry for making this investment in yourself!

Jennifer Y.

This journey has truly been eye opening. In such a short amount of time I have learned so much about myself and skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Taylor truly has a gift as a coach. She makes you want to be better and she is always there to help or give you advice.